Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Inside the Starbucking DVD Box

Here's what the interior of the DVD case will look like along with the chapter titles. The final touches have been made and the DVD is on its way to the replicator. I've just gone over a proof of the retail DVD and it has all come together fantastically

(for some reason this image is displaying as blue instead of brown...the actual image is a brown coffe stained table...)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Get Your Starbucking Swag!

I've just created a Starbucking store at Cafe Press. I didn't mark up the items any from their Cafe Press base price so buy away! Good deals include "value t-shirt" for under 9 dollars and the sweet coffee mug! Thanks for helping promote Starbucking and Winter's incredible quest. Email me a picture of yourself in or with one of these products and I'll post it on this blog!

Cafe Press Starbucking Store

All of these products feature the cover art from the upcoming Starbucking DVD.

Heretic Films Starbucking site up

Check out the Heretic Films Starbucking page.